Borneo, Malaysia – Borneo SDG Summit 2023 would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous sponsorship to the Borneo SDG Summit 2023. Your commitment to environmental sustainability has been an inspiration to us and we are honored to have your support for this event.

Seh Hing Recycle Sdn Bhd is a waste management company that deals with various types of recyclable materials such as scrap iron, cardboard, newspaper, books, cola cans, batteries, copper wires, aluminum, brass, alloys, aluminum cans, lead, scrap engine, and more. Your dedication to recycling and waste reduction is a remarkable feat in the pursuit of sustainable development.

As a waste management company, Seh Hing Recycle Sdn Bhd plays an important role in the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Your work towards reducing waste and promoting recycling aligns with SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. It is crucial to recognize the importance of this goal and the role that each one of us can play in achieving it. We urge the people of Miri to follow in your footsteps and make recycling a part of their daily lives.

The Borneo SDG Summit 2023 is scheduled to take place on March 18th and 19th, 2023. This event will bring together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss strategies for achieving sustainable development goals. With over 600 participants expected to attend, the summit will feature prominent speakers from organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Miri City Council, Shell, and Pertains. We are thrilled to have Seh Hing Recycle Sdn Bhd as one of our sponsors for this event.

Seh Hing Recycle’s commitment to sustainable waste management is truly remarkable and serves as a shining example to all businesses in the region. Their dedication to recycling and reducing waste is evident in everything they do, from their state-of-the-art facilities to their expert team of waste management professionals. Seh Hing Recycle’s efforts not only benefit the environment but also create economic opportunities and promote social responsibility. Their actions reflect a true commitment to a better, more sustainable future for Miri and beyond.

Once again, thank you for your sponsorship and support for the Borneo SDG Summit 2023. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Seh Hing Recycle Sdn Bhd in the future.